Kundalini Yoga Cleanse - Lighten Up & Purify!

Ana Brett and Ravi SIngh

Experience Kundalini Yoga's sophisticated approach to effortless conditioning. Breathe, move, stretch, relax, meditate, celebrate! Boost your metabolism. Slim down, tone and feel inspired. These workouts and meditations will help you optimize your glandular system, bring emotional healing, reduce problem areas, and help you attain your personal ideal. This DVD workout includes stretching warm-up and then offers two 20 minutes sets which will help you detoxify your liver. The health of the liver determines to large extent how we feel, look, and think! Most people's livers are overtaxed and toxic. Yoga Cleanse offers a graceful yet powerful means with which to purify and regenerate this all-important organ. As Ana & Ravi say so eloquently: If you love your liver you'll be a longer liver! This DVD also features a blissful meditation and relaxation.

DVD dimensions: 
190 × 135 × 15 mm
DVD weight: 
0.4 oz