Ultimate Stretch Workout

Ana Brett and Ravi SIngh

Celebrated Yoga teachers Ravi Singh & Ana Brett have produced this (user-friendly, conveniently chaptered to fit any schedule) 60 minute Kundalini Yoga DVD to give you a complete workout and guide you towards your Ultimate Stretch! Ana & Ravi's Kundalini Yoga DVD's are an all-in-one yoga system. They are designed to bring balance to your mind, health, and emotions, and imbue your life with inspiration and fearlessness. A flexible body is a youthful body. In some cultures age is not measured chronologically, but by the flexibility of one's spine. Flexibility enhances the energy flow in the body. When energy flows our life flows in new and surprising ways. For instance, when we free up our hips, we free up our possibilities and we can move forward in life, towards fulfillment. This DVD begins with a warm-up followed by an invigorating all encompassing workout, deep healing relaxation and a moving meditation to leave you blissful. This program has been updated with new commentary and the Matrix Menu Option, which gives you the ability to pre-program your workout. No more fumbling with the remote to get the workout you want! This DVD features superb production values and an inspiring soundtrack.

DVD dimensions: 
190 × 135 × 15 mm
DVD weight: 
0.4 oz