Kundalini Yoga DVD's

  • Kundalini Yoga: The Body Electric All-in-One Workout

    Kundalini Yoga: The Body Electric DVD cover

    We are literally live wires, and when our energy is flowing optimally vibrant power streams into us from nature and the Universe, to fill our lives with excitement and success. This all-in-one workout will provide total fitness and the experience of Spirit everyday. The Body Electric focuses on inner and outer strength, endurance, and self-regeneration.

  • Kundalini Yoga: Happy Hormones All-In-One Workout


    Hormones make it happen! They drive our passions and fuel our purpose, energy, and peace of mind. They elevate our emotions and even keep our bodies toned. The Happy Hormones Workout will help you achieve the perfect balance of these crucial glandular go-getters.

  • Kundalini Yoga Flow Boot Camp


    All of Yoga, Ancient and New! This comprehensive all-in-one workout will not only give you a longer leaner yoga body, but also a stronger cleaner yoga mind! It features Yoga Flow Parts 1 & 2, an amazing journey into the heart of yoga with Ana leading the way.

  • Kundalini Yoga: Green Energy of the Heart


    What the world needs now is love sweet love! Green Energy of the Heart will transform your body, elevate your mind and emotions, and give you the strength and courage to live with a heart wide open. Ana and Ravi's signature style of Kundalini Yoga is the best of both ancient and new: the beauty, depth, and power of yoga, plus the streamlined results of cutting edge fitness.