Kundalini Yoga for Beautiful Breakthroughs

Beautiful Breakthroughs artwork

Curious what a seasoned yoga professional's daily practice looks like? They know how to self-ignite quickly while keeping their workout doable and perpetually inspiring. This new treasure from Ana and Ravi features Ravi's PDW (Personal Daily Workout). Breathe, move, stretch, elevate and celebrate to an amazing sound track with this "perfect little yoga workout." Unprecedented breakthroughs will be a daily affair.

Did we mention the awesome music on this title? It will transport you and convey you and lift you and sway you. Also included: Yoga Nidra: Sojourn of the Soul and the Ganpati Kriya Meditation to make the impossible possible. This 52 min. program is based on the premise that when our energy is flowing optimally, our body is flexible and free, and when we align ourselves with our path and purpose our life flows in new and unprecedented ways. Launch into your new life in under an hour.

Yoga style: 
Ana Brett & Ravi Singh
Skill level: 
All Levels