Yoga Beauty Body

Yoga Beauty Body DVD cover

Yoga Beauty Body is being called the perfect yoga workout. It begins with a concise warm-up set and an excellent Breath Primer which makes the popular Breath of Fire a breeze. This workout, includes the **Magnificent 7** indispensable daily yoga poses done Kundalini style. This exciting sequence is nonstop, with brief rest intervals. Done in its entirety (60 minutes), it is moderately challenging, yet doable, allowing all levels to participate. As always, Ana & Ravi give modifications for most exercises. Kundalini Yoga works fast! Even after one session you'll feel fabulous! The genius of Ana & Ravi's Kundalini Yoga workouts are that they work on more than just the obvious--lengthening and strengthening all muscle groups--but also work the glands for emotional well being, happiness, more energy, better sex drive, and radiant health. There is something for everyone in this DVD. Discover why Ana and Ravi's growing fan base would rather forego their morning cup of coffee than do without their Breath of Fire!

Yoga style: 
Ana Brett & Ravi Singh
Skill level: 
All Levels
Approx length: 
75 mins